Headaches and Depression: Common Causes and Treatments

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Headaches and Depression: Common Causes and Treatments Many people suffering from depression also report suffering from chronic headaches as well. This is not surprising since many of the same triggers for depression are also known triggers for cluster and migraine headaches . These include stress , lack of sleep, improper diet , and a lack of physical exercise . Luckily, many drugs prescribed for anxiety disorders and depression also relieve the symptoms of headaches . In some cases, physicians may even prescribe anti-depressants for headache treatment even though the patient is not suffering from depression. There is no doubt that your state of mind can effect your health. A recent study on the correlation of abuse and headaches in women by the University of Toledo reported that, of the women who participated in the study, 42% of women who suffered migraines had recently experienced emotional abuse. The study suggested that physicians screen headache patients for a history of emotional and physical abuse before recommending a course of treatment. In addition, if a patient does not show improvement over the course of treatment, then the problems may be psychological rather than physiological. Related Posts Headaches and Depression: Common Causes and Treatments Treating Drug Withdrawal Syndrome When a drug is used for long periods of time and then suddenly discontinued, a person may suffer from withdrawal syndrome. Drugs most commonly associated … Migraine Headaches Caused by Oral Contraceptives Migraines are the number one side effect reported by women who use oral contraception. This is generally attributed to the fluctuation of estrogen levels in … Headache Triggers Revisited There are many different kinds of triggers, and every person has different ones. You may have some triggers that start your headache attack at one … share: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post