Headache Treatments Covered by Medicare

Headache Treatments Covered by Medicare If you suffer from severe migraine headaches and are currently enrolled to receive Medicare benefits, then you may be eligible to receive coverage that will pay for many of the most powerful prescription drugs on the market. The drugs most widely prescribed for the treatment or of chronic headaches are known as Triptans. [ad#post] Triptans are medications used to reduce the symptoms or abort the onset of a migraine headache. Since their introduction in the 1990’s, triptans have been an effective treatment for millions of migraine sufferers. Unfortunately, many are still only available as name brands and are thus very expensive. Luckily, Medicare does provide limited coverage for those that qualify. Under the current Medicare drug plan, the following Triptans are covered. Note that you may have to meet certain pre certification criteria and there will most likely be some quantity limits. Amerge® (naratriptan) Imitrex® (sumatriptan inj, nasal spray and tablets) Maxalt®, Maxalt MLT® (rizatriptan) Relpax® (eletriptan) Axert® (almotriptan) Frova® ( Frova ) Zomig®, Zomig ZMT® (zolmitriptan) All of these drugs are available only with a prescription and require close medical supervision. [ad#post] share: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post