Types of Pilates

Types of Pilates Original Practice The original practice focuses on controlled movement via a strong core. The idea is that if the core is weak, then movement of the rest of the body is not controlled and fluid. The original Pilates was developed using mat exercises, which very much resembled yoga, but Joseph Pilates also included various apparatus into the routine. Unlike yoga, Pilates is an exercise rather than a way of life. Fletcher Pilates Fletcher Pilates is a modified version of the original by focusing on breathing. This technique teaches that the exhalation of the breath is forced through in order to teach the student the correct way of breathing as well as being mindful of the current moment. This keeps the person in the present moment. Ron Fletcher was the creator of this version of Pilates. Winsor Pilates Mari Winsor created the very popular Winsor Pilates, which again is a modified version of the original. Mari emphasized on dynamic sequencing, which is basically a way to offer the body a workout that is calorie-burning but still a very low-intensity exercise. Therefore, the student has an ability to get the benefits of the original Pilates along with an actual workout that is easy on the joints and muscles of the body. Scott Pilates The Scott Pilates comes from Moira Merrithew, which like the Winsor techniques, takes the original Pilates and incorporates a physical fitness regimen to it. There are five principles to the Scotts Pilates, which include: Ribcage placement Breathing Cervical spine and head placement Scapular movement Pelvic placement These five placements and movement principles are designed to help the body restore the natural curves of the spine and to rebalance the muscle groups that surround the joints, which in turn makes the body stronger. The scapular or shoulder stabilization has a lot of emphasis in this type of Pilates. Related Posts Types of Pilates Exercise and Relieve Migraine Headaches Improving your level of physical fitness is one way to decrease the frequency and duration of migraine headaches. Exercise promotes circulation, improves metabolism, and reduces stress. All … Relieve Your Headache Naturally People of all ages have experienced headaches at one point in their lives. This makes it a very common grievance among all. There are actually … 10 Steps To a Healthy Lifestyle There are ten things you can do everyday to lead a healthy lifestyle. It will not happen overnight for many people, especially if they have … share: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post